iQSonar is a powerful discovery platform built to handle highly complex infrastructure. Deployed agentlessly across the largest and most challenging of networks with multiple platforms, protocols, devices and applications, it delivers unrivaled visibility of all physical, virtual and cloud-based assets, thanks to its extensive technical breadth and depth.

The Information You Need

iQSonar uses iQuate’s unique DIME™ approach to ensure you get the information you need. This extends the Discovery and IT Inventory capabilities typically associated with Software Asset Management by introducing Measurement to deliver real, actionable data and Extensibility to match your specific requirements.


Verifiably Accurate

iQSonar’s automated IT inventory eliminates manual errors that are common in discovery of complex multi-location, virtual, physical and cloud based environments. Protocol Abstraction Layers and agentless scanning allow iQSonar to proactively discover and interact with multiple platforms, network infrastructures and applications.


iQSonar provides verifiably accurate results, where a complete data lineage allows each result to be traced back to individual data elements captured through the scanning process. By generating change history, iQSonar allows for the tracking of software and hardware utilization over time.


More Control, More Flexibility

iQSonar is highly configurable to meet any site or user-specific requirements. Through a wide range of Product Adapters, iQSonar is easily calibrated to discover and engage with specific environments on a customer by customer basis.


Its user friendly graphical interface offers exceptional control of the breadth, depth and speed of the IT inventory process. As standard, iQSonar gathers information on hardware infrastructure, virtual infrastructure, installed software, services, processes and applications. In addition, it allows for custom scanning options that include application interrogation and file profiling. The user friendly CMS driven Graphical User Interface provides for custom data reporting, whilst iQSonar’s API allows for seamless interfacing with third party CMDB, license and asset management systems.


Scalable and Optimized

iQSonar is designed to work with the largest networks in the world. Multithreaded architecture and innovative database design enables the highest level of scalability, running with ease on networks with hundreds of thousands of devices. As an agentless technology, it is exceptionally quick to deploy. With expert support from iQuate’s team of network specialists, clients and partners are guaranteed quick implementation and rapid return on investment.


Safe and Secure

At iQuate, we understand that network security is paramount. Deployed entirely within the client network, iQSonar retains all data centrally and securely within it. iQSonar increases security by using intelligent credential management, seamlessly integrating with user access control products, proxies and administration gateways. iQSonar is highly encrypted with AES Standard algorithms using multiple, variable length keys.


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