Efficient decentralized software management

FrontRange Portal helps organizations leverage even more benefit from FrontRange Client Management solutions, by providing a centralized interface which allows different stakeholders and departments to collaborate and share software management tasks.


Processes such as allocating applications to specific users can be performed by the local departments, dramatically cutting the IT department’s time and manpower costs for software management, but also guarantees a higher level of satisfaction among end users.

FrontRange Portal uses the comprehensive role-based and authorization model from FrontRange NetInstall, ensuring that only authorized staff can take certain actions such as deploying new applications.


Web Self Service for Client Management

With FrontRange Portal, the full range of Client Management tasks is available to authorized users through a simple web browser; no proprietary interface or desktop application is required.

Mission-critical tasks can be safely and quickly completed thanks to easy-to-use wizards which guide users through each process and prevents errors occurring.


Why FrontRange Portal?


Decentralization of software and client management

Reduced time and personnel expenses for software management

Frees up IT to concentrate on bigger projects

Respond more quickly to changing demands

Increased user satisfaction

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