Boosting Efficiency with Automated Operating System Deployment


Whether it’s provisioning new employees or managing a mass migration, OS deployment and configuration is one of the most time-consuming software management tasks. FrontRange OS Deployment allows you to save valuable time, eliminate sources of error, and achieve greater flexibility due to hardware independence.

FrontRange OS Deployment is an intelligent solution that can package the operating system, drivers and configurations so that IT staff not only spend less time on the initial deployment, they also perform less ongoing administration throughout the lifecycle of the asset. The ability to automate timed rollouts and deployments over narrowband WANs are also crucial to ensure fast distribution that does not tie up many resources.

FrontRange OS Deployment automatically assigns the correct start environment (DOS, Linux, Windows PE 32- or 64-bit) for installing the desired operating system.


OS Packaging in a few Mouse Clicks

When using FrontRange OS Deployment to package operating systems, the Software Factory, including Packaging Workbench, dramatically speeds up the process. Software Factory wizards allow you to create a range of package types – from operating systems and applications through to system configurations and drivers – in no time at all.

FrontRange OS Deployment provides ready-made scripts for all common operating systems, and the improved parameter handling results in additional installation flexibility.


Automatic driver packaging

Importing and packaging of drivers and their correct assignment to individual devices is one of the biggest challenges in operating system deployments. FrontRange OS Deployment’s integrated driver repository and its straightforward integration of new drivers now provide you with a convincing solution for this difficult task.

Simply add new drivers to the repository from CD or let the solution automatically identify all drivers in a system and integrate them into the database. The drivers are then packaged and ready for company-wide installation. Even plug & play or mass storage devices no longer require a separate, time-consuming driver download from the Internet.


Seamless integration for client and server management

FrontRange OS Deployment is embedded in the Client Management solution portfolio and is tightly integrated with other FrontRange solutions, ensuring seamless integration in managing both client and server systems.


Why FrontRange OS Deployment


Create OS Deployment packages with just a few mouse clicks

Automatic hardware recognition and driver selection

Support for DOS, Linux and Windows PE (32-bit and 64-bit) start environments

Wake-on-LAN support

Scheduled OS roll-outs and intelligent deployments

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