Application Deployment Software

FrontRange NetInstall – Fully Automated Software and Configuration Management


FrontRange NetInstall dramatically reduces the time and labor cost associate with managing the software across the network. NetInstall automates application management tasks with a single-console interface for packaging, testing, deploying and configuring software applications.

NetInstall makes it quick and easy for authorized IT staff to create software sets and automatically deploy applications to users based on criteria such as job description, location, department or individual user profile.

Once defined, NetInstall will automatically implement the appropriate policies and ensure that any compliance failures are automatically rectified, without the need for manual intervention. NetInstall not only reduces the burden on IT staff for software installations but also improves security and network reliability by requiring that all new software packages be tested and approved prior to first installation.

Compliance ‘At a glance’

NetInstall is designed to take established policies and automatically monitor systems across the network for compliance. To save administrator time, a simple but effective ‘traffic light’ system makes it easy to see at-a-glance the compliance status of each asset.


Packaging with just a few mouse clicks

The unique Software Factory allows IT staff to create multiple types of software package in not time at all using in-built wizards. Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to create a package that’s ready for testing and distribution. NetInstall even supports the creation of software sets and specific installation sequences.


Release Management

To minimize the amount of administrative intervention required to keep software up-to-date, NetInstall automatically ensures that any changes to live software packages are automatically pushed out to the appropriate desktops, laptops and servers.


Integrating Application Deployment into IT Service Management

NetInstall automatically integrates with complementary FrontRange products such as Discovery for creating a complete network audit of IT assets, FrontRange Client Management and FrontRange ITSM for a complete end-to-end Service Lifecycle Management approach.


Why FrontRange NetInstall?


Single-console administration of key software management tasks

Intelligent distribution of software according to bandwidth and network topography

Policy-based management reduces administrative effort and enables full control and visibility

Supports 32- and 64-bit platforms and improves flexibility

Integrated Software Factory and Packaging Workbench speeds up software packaging and deployment

At-a-glance compliance view

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