Leveraging virtualization, standardization, and cloud computing can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and conserve energy. But without a solid client management solution, your organization may lack the control necessary to reap the benefits of these technology breakthroughs. 

HEAT Desktop & Server Management (DSM) is a market-leading Client Management solution to fully automate complex and routine IT operational tasks, from installing applications and operating systems to running and maintaining clients over time. DSM significantly lowers total cost of ownership for IT management and provides unified management for clients of all kind. Additionally, DSM reduces the administrative burden on IT staff by automatically ensuring that configuration on end devices comply with pre-defined policies. The solution is easy to implement and deploy, helping customers avoid the cost of expensive implementations. Whether the IT organization has distinct Desktop and Server teams or a single End User Computing Group, DSM provides a unified solution to: 

• package, test, install and remove software 

• provision and manage desktops and servers 

• manage, migrate & restore user settings 

• monitor software rollouts

Client Management Highlights

• 170 wizard driven script commands to facilitate package creation for applications, drivers, security patches, user settings, etc.

• quality assurance release management with pilot & testing of every change before rollout

• full enterprise replication engine

• multi-site and multi domain capabilities

• automatic depot synchronization

• roles and ranges for administration segmentation

• virtualization management support for virtual desktop provisioning methods and hardware virtualization, image management

• Windows 7 migration best practices and operating system management, incl. automatic driver integration

• unified management across platforms, architectures (fat and thin clients, servers, physical and virtual environments) and delivery methods

• management reporting to monitor software rollouts and report on KPIs

• extended platform support for Windows, Linux, and MAC environments

• dedicated Citrix Server Management support

• self-healing infrastructure and standards enforcement

• SOAP interface for integration with existing administrative tools

• IT Service Management integration (cloud, on-premise, hybrid) with service catalog, change management and voice telephony tools

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