Key Features

• Discovers all IP-addressable hardware on the network, including PCs, servers, switches, network

printers and other devices

• Virtual Audit – discover and track virtual hardware and software, supporting VMWare and Microsoft

virtualization technologies

• Thin Client Audit – identify software published on XenApp servers

• Multi-platform – Windows, IBM and HP Unix, RedHat and SuSE Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris

Key Benefits

• comprehensive inventory of IT assets on the corporate network, whether hardware or software is

physical or virtual.

• Reduced purchases

You can’t manage what you can’t see. And if you don’t know what IT assets you have on the network, you can’t optimize their availability, manage costs or reduce risks. That’s why Discovery™ has been

designed to give you total visibility of every IT asset across the network – whether hardware or software, physical or virtual, local or remote.

Discovery allows you to find, audit and continually track every computer and server, every network printer and switch, every major operating system and application on the network – building a

comprehensive and dynamically-updated catalog of your complete IT inventory. In turn, this inventory is critical to optimizing all areas of IT operations, from IT Service Management to Software Asset Management, IT Governance to IT Asset Management.

Total Visibility

With organizations increasingly investing in virtualization and thin client technologies, asset management is no longer confined to physical machines and applications. As such, Discovery has evolved to provide total visibility of all IT assets.

For physical assets Discovery will detect all IP-addressable hardware (including all servers, desktops, laptops, network printers, switches, and devices) and software on the network.

Discovery will also find and report on virtual and thin client assets, providing important information on guest/host relationships and identifying where applications are virtualized or provisioned remotely, rather than physical installations.

Total Control

With its ability to track all hardware and software dispersed across the entire network, Discovery helps IT executives and teams to improve IT planning, budgeting and service delivery – and provides the foundation for effective IT governance. Integrations with IT Service Management and Client Management solutions enable organizations to turn visibility of assets into effective control and governance of the corporate network. 

Automated Discovery

Many discovery solutions will give you a basic audit of PCs on demand – but few have the ability to autonomously identify new assets being added to the network. In addition to tracking new assets as they appear on the network, Discovery also keeps a full audit history of each device, tracking hardware, software and configuration changes.

Multi-platform support

To help organizations track their assets across diverse networks, Discovery supports all major enterprise platforms, including Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, Unix®, Apple® OS X and AIX; even Windows Mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs. For virtual devices, FrontRange Discovery audits machines based on VMware ESX and VMware Virtual Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware Workstation.. For virtual applications, Discovery supports Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp. For Citrix users, Discovery currently supports XenApp (Advanced, Enterprise & Platinum versions).

Multi-site networks

Discovery is optimized for organizations with multiple sites, whether the individual parts of the network are directly connected or use the internet where bandwidth is at a premium. By processing audit data locally, the FrontRange implement all necessary settings.

Discovery is the datafeed for Service and Client Management

Faster IT Service Delivery

Discovery simplifies the way a complex network is viewed, managed, and served. When FrontRange Discovery is integrated into the service desk, IT service personnel have instant access to all inventory data for the device in question. They can begin troubleshooting immediately, solve problems faster, improve first-call resolution rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

Taking control of the network

Accurate inventory information is critical to successful client management, whether it’s provisioning new PCs, deploying new software, re-applying user profiles or installing patches. FrontRange Discovery makes it easy to identify target machines and track the current configuration of assets.

Accurate IT planning and budgeting

With up-to-date inventory records, department migrations and other complex IT projects can be scoped accurately, planned completely, and executed successfully.


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