Enterprise Readiness

66% of information workers in North America and Europe already work remotely*

Mareike Fondufe, May 2, 2012


Many of these IT workers travel frequently to your distributed locations. Wouldn’t it be great if your clients knew this and automatically synchronized with the nearest depot server to get you the information you need? Our Desktop Server Management solution simplifies the management of your multi-platform, multi-site network so you can reallocate precious resources from mundane keeping-the-lights-on operations to more innovative projects.


Automation is the key to simplifying ongoing management. From organizational configuration and client location detection to data replication and redundancy, FrontRange DSM automates it all. Unlike other solutions, DSM allows you to cascade “organization units” to automatically replicate data from your master server to other geographically distributed servers. This frees network bandwidth while freeing up your IT resources. We also save you bandwidth and hassle by automating client location detection using flexible, IP-based site configuration. With DSM you have control over replication.





*Source: Forrester, Demystifying The Mobile Workforce – An Information Workplace Report, TJ Keitt, June 2011


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